CONSTRUCCIONES METÁLICAS UNIÓN S.A. is a company dedicated to providing products and services for the storage and manipulation of materials and the safekeeping of valuables.

With industrial experience of 59 years in the Peruvian market, CONSTRUCCIONES METÁLICAS UNIÓN S.A. has never ceased in its efforts to provide our clients with top quality products. An outstanding team of professionals in engineering and industrial design work constantly to satisfy the most rigorous demands of strength and safety.

UNIÓN is prepared to comply with requirements of all types. Thanks to our large production capacity, we offer a wide range of products for the diverse needs of industry, commerce and the home. We produce metallic structures for the storage of both light and heavy loads, lockers, safes of different sizes, doors for vaults.

With the goal of finding the best solution for special requirements, UNION has a department of projects and engineering that is in charge of designing special products and/or finding solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each client.

Throughout the years, UNIÓN has always been concerned with innovating and new technologies. Our industrial plant has state-of-the-art equipment that permits us to manufacture modern long-lasting products with the best of finishes.

These products are not only characterized by their strength, but also by their elegant modern design produced with state-of-the-art technology that guarantees fulfillment of the strictest international standards of manufacture and quality.

To achieve these high standards, UNIÓN works with raw materials of certified quality that are subjected to the strictest controls, and as a result CONSTRUCCIONES METÁLICAS UNIÓN S.A. was awarded the ISO 9001 Certificate, 2008 version, that guarantees it to be an industrial organization of international status.

UNIÓN’s ten thousand square meter industrial plant s has the capacity of transforming five hundred tons of steel per month, making UNIÓN the metalworking company with the largest production capacity in Peru.

The demands of ecology are a priority for UNIÓN. As a result, all of our metal treatment systems are heated and cured by gas. The continuous paint line works with powdered paints that do not require chemical solvents for their application. In this way, ecology is respected responsibly in order to protect the environment.

Thus, UNIÓN combines perseverance, modernity and quality to offer its clients strength made with steel.


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